Sunday, 30 October 2016

One young Flemish guitarist (Nico Couck) and three very talked-about composers. Each of them has written a piece for solo acoustic or electric guitar, which will produce an undoubtedly intense musical experience.

Coproduction ChampdAction


Oscar Bianchi, Trevor Bača, Katherine Young


Klaas Coulembier, 13:30


Katherine Young

Composer and bassoonist Katherine Young creates acoustic and electro-acoustic music that uses curious timbres, rhythmic pressure, and kinetic structures to explore the dramatic physicality of sound, shifting interpersonal dynamics, and tensions between the familiar and the strange.

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Oscar Bianchi

A vocal quality, even in his instrumental work, can strike us as a prominent feature of Oscar Bianchi's music. Exuberant and intelligent, this vocal dimension plays with a refined art of accentuations in all its intermediate degrees. At its core, Bianchi's music continues to be guided by the challenge of dramaturgical and formal issues.

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​Trevor Bača

Trevor Bača (1975) grew up in Texas. His concerns as a composer include lost and secret texts; broken and dismembered systems; sorcery, divination and magic; and the effects, action and beauty of light. Bača is currently a PhD candidate in music composition at Harvard University with dissertation advisors Hans Tutschku and Chaya Czernowin.

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Nico Couck

Described by The New York Times as agile, compelling and irresistible, Antwerp-based guitarist Nico Couck (b. 1988) started playing the instrument at age 15. In 2013 he obtained his master’s degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, under the guidance of prof. Roland Broux, and with greatest distinction. His repertoire varies from Baroque to contemporary music with a dedicated focus on present-day developments in music.

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