Saturday, 13 October 2018

Using the title the hacked piano, the Tiptoe Company will bring together two composers who each have their very own approach to the icon of classical music, the piano. This promises to be a thoroughly alternative look at the instrument, radically re- or detuned, taken apart until only the frame remains, and complemented with other instruments and electronics. Patricia Alessandrini starts with a disassembled piano frame, while Tim Mariën will present another chapter in his collaboration with Tiptoe, with whom he appeared at Transit in 2015.


Tim Mariën (premiere) / Patricia Alessandrini (premiere)

Production: ChampdAction website ChampdAction


Tim Mariën

Tim Mariën started composing on his own, after discovering avant-garde composers such as Pierre Henry, Luigi Nono and Karlheinz Stockhausen in his teens. During his studies in musicology at KU Leuven, he researched Harry Partch’s ‘extended just intonation’. Mariën writes on commission of several ensembles, for which he often manipulates or re-tunes instruments. In 2010 he received the Stipendiumprize for composition during the international summer courses for contemporary music in Darmstadt.

Patricia Alessandrini

Patricia Alessandrini studied composition and electronics at the Conservatorio di Bologna, Conservatoire de Strasbourg and IRCAM. Her works actively engage with the concert music repertoire, and issues of representation, interpretation, perception and memory, often in the context of social and political issues. They are often multimedial, theatrical, and collaborative, involving live electronics, resonating objects, and interactive video.


Tiptoe Company

Tiptoe Company is a young ensemble focused on contemporary chamber music for surprising combinations of 'delicate' instruments such as acoustic guitar, double bass, recorder, harp and cello. ‘On tiptoe’ they discover musical borders - on the edge of silence, or in intense chamber music. TC works together with composers and artists as Patricia Alessandrini, Tim Mariën and Anneleen De Causmaecker. They’ve performed in major venues as November Music, MAfestival, and De Bijloke. Tiptoe Company is ensemble in residence at ChampdAction production platform.Tiptoe Company plays contemporary chamber music for surprising instrumental combinations. 'Delicate' instruments as acoustic guitar, double bass, recorder, harp and cello are brought together. 'On tiptoe' they discover musical borders - on the edge of silence, on in intense chamber music.

Website Tiptoe Company


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H. Hartkliniek, Naamsestraat 102c


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