Sunday, 7 October 2018 | 14:30 | 30CC/Schouwburg

El Bacha will take you through the 24 preludes of Bach, Chopin and Rachmani- noff – that’s 24 x 3 pieces, spanning two hundred years of music history from the late baroque to the overripe Romantic.

Forty years ago the Lebanese pianist Abdel Rahman El Bacha won Belgium’s Queen Elisabeth Competition, at barely nineteen! Afterwards, he stayed in Belgium, where he has built himself an impressive international career. El Bacha is still in demand all over the world, but he has a special bond with Belgian audiences.

In October the pianist will be 60, a good reason for a grand birthday present! But it’s mainly the pianist himself who will treat you to a multi-course menu of preludes. Seventy-two variations on a basic recipe are on the menu, and there’s also the birthday cake.


Johann Sebastian Bach: 24 preludes (Das Wohltemperierte Klavier BWV 846-893), Frédéric Chopin: 24 preludes op. 28, Sergej Rachmaninov: 24 preludes op. 23 en 32

INLEIDING (Dutch only)

Jan Christiaens, 13:30

Coproductie 30CC



Abdel Rahman El Bacha

Ever since he was discovered at the Queen Elisabeth Competition in 1978, Abdel Rahman El Bacha has been a constant at the most important concert venues in the world. Due to his refined performance of a very diverse repertoire, he is a well-liked guest of several great orchestras such as the Berliner Philharmoniker and the Orchestre de Paris.

If possible, he is even more well-known as a soloist: his performances of various composers such as Bach, Chopin and Rachmaninov are just as popular in recording as they are live on stage.

website Abdel Rahman El Bacha


Bondgenotenlaan 21
3000 Leuven



Ladeuze, Ladeuzeplein 20


Lijnen 1–9 / 284–85 / 315–17 / 333–35 / 337 / 351–52 /358 / 370–74 /380 / 395
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