Sunday, 9 October 2022 | 14:30 | 30CC/Schouwburg

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Between 1909 and 1939, the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók wrote six phenomenal string quartets. He not only bared parts of his own soul in them, but also put Hungary on the map in terms of European music history and history in general. 

This day, entirely devoted to him, will present these six absolute masterpieces, divided over two concerts. You’ll travel through time with Bartók, starting with the final echoes of the romantic era, the lively enticements of folklorism and the awakened desire for his own engagement in modernism. 

The VSF’s (Very Short Film Introductions) preceding each string quartet give it extra depth and give you some contemporary context through documentary images. The performance of these complete quartets is like a mini-biography of Bartók, his country and his time.


Bella Bartök: String Quartets 4, 5, 6

VSF  Every string quartet will be preceded by a  Very Short Film .  - Lise Bruyneel  visuals & scenario, Pieter Bergé   concept




Bennewitz Quartet & Meccore String Quartet

The Meccore and Bennewitz Quartets will join forces to perform all six string quartets in chronological order. 

Poland’s Meccore String Quartet gave a moving performance of Debussy and Szymanowski quartets a few years ago in Leuven. The subtle purity of their ensemble playing was breathtaking. 

By contrast, Czechia’s Bennewitz Quartet is in Leuven for the first time. In recent years the group has devoted their considerable passion and power to music from their native land, but now they’re going to shine with Bartók’s quartets as wel.

websites Bennewitz Quartet  Meccore String Quartet


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