Saturday, 2 October 2021 | 20:30 | Grote Aula Maria Theresia College

Church bells add colour to the city soundscape, bringing order to the busy urban thrum. 

All this resonating bronze has inspired composers throughout the ages. But how can that low, slow pealing be captured on a piano or harpsichord? How do you transcend the banality of a simple ‘ding, dong’? 

With this challenge in mind, Anthony Romaniuk has put together a remarkable recital that swings between bell sounds by Bach and Bartók, Byrd and Beethoven, and many others. Discover music from some very high place


Béla Bartók, Federico Mompou, George Crumb, John Adams, Ludwig Van Beethoven, William Byrd, Matthias Vanden Gheyn, György Ligeti, Johann Sebastian Bach, Anthony Romaniuk, Charles Ives, Dmitri Sjostakovitsj

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Anthony Romaniuk

Australia’s Anthony Romaniuk is an all-round musician with a relentless fascination with the ‘right sound’. For every piece, he goes looking for just the most right instrument: piano, fortepiano, harpsichord or sometimes even a real surprise. For years he’s been captivated by the sound of bells and in 2020 he recorded a splendid CD on the theme, fittingly entitled Bells. The programme Bronze, Ivory and Ebony builds on this award-winning recording, with special emphasis on 20th-century repertoire.

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