Wednesday, 10 October 2018 | 20:30 | Iers College

Black Angels is probably the most impressive string quartet of the second half of the 20th century.

Not only is its content – the war in Vietnam – haunting, but the composition itself will seize hold of you and not let go.

Since Black Angels is almost too upsetting to simply let loose on an audience, the path to and from the Apocalypse is paved with more subdued works by Arvo Pärt and the pacifist Benjamin Britten. These will allow you to build and then release the tension – and the screams of the black angels themselves will come through even more eerily.


George Crumb: Black Angels / Benjamin Britten: String Quartet n°. 1, part 1 & 3 / Arvo Pärt: And One of the Pharisees

INLEIDING (dutch only)

Pieter Bergé, 19:45


Ragazze Quartet & Psallentes

The Netherlands’ Ragazze Quartet likes to provoke in their performances. Since music is a necessary form of communication for all four women in the ensemble, they are always looking for formulas with which they can grab audiences by the scruff of the neck. This combined with their passionate playing style produces some singular concerts.

The singers of Psallentes, conducted by Hendrik Vanden Abeele, will have the first and last words in this programme.

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