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In December 1988, Bill Cadman, friend and employee of composer Gavin Bryars, died in the horrifying airplane explosion over the town of Lockerbie. To honour his memory, Bryars wrote the Cadman Requiem.

Bryars is one of a generation of European composers who, starting in the 1970s, added to the new genre of minimalism which had come over from America. An essential aspect of this was linking to Europe’s own tradition.

In this concert as well, Bryars’ requiem will be literally placed between a few of its older European relatives: the sober art of Gregorian chant, the solid 13th-century organum style of Perotin, and the sombre reticence of 17th-century English consort music. Experience the ritual mood in the silence of the Park Abbey in the run-up to All Souls’ Weekend.

Concert City of Leuven


Gregoriaans requiem: Introitus
Perotinus: Viderunt omnes
Gavin Bryars: Cadman Requiem
Perotinus: Sederunt principes
Gregoriaans requiem: In Paradisum

INLEIDING (Dutch only)

Maarten Beirens, 19:45



The Leuven-based ensemble Psallentes is the dream team as far as this programme is concerned. In the last fifteen years, the ensemble has built up a solid and singular reputation in the performance of Gregorian chant and late-medieval polyphony. Moreover, Psallentes do not shy away from experimentation and they let early music be reborn in new contexts.

The Spirit of Gambo

The Spirit of Gambo, a Flemish-Dutch gamba consort specialised in the performance of English consort music, is the ideal partner for the Bryars concert.

Not on time?

Late-comers will not be admitted to the concert.