Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Wolfgang Rihm is an outlier in the contemporary music world. As early as the 1970s he was turning away from the overly cerebral direction that music was taking. His aim is to compose from the gut, as if he’s writing music directly onto his listeners’ skin. His Musik für drei Streicher is a prime example of music that feels more like an ambush. It asks not to be ‘understood’ but to be ‘experienced’. At its core is surrender: the willingness to let yourself be carried along by the maelstrom of your own emotions.


Wolfgang Rihm: Musik für drei Streicher


Jannis Van de Sande, 19:45


Goeyvaerts String Trio

Even the most ferocious music needs to be performed cleanly, and the Goeyvaerts String Trio is the perfect ensemble to perform this tempestuous work. Over the last few years they have watched the superlatives from the press piling up. It’s no coincidence that contemporary composers seek them out to premiere their latest works. Praise and support are dangerous allies, but not for this trio. They’ve never let it go to their heads, always putting the music first.

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Iers College

Janseniusstraat 1
3000 3000 Leuven


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