Monday, 22 October 2018 | 20:30 | 30CC/Schouwburg

The phrase ‘last words’ always captures the imagination, especially if the last words are those of great historical figures like Socrates or Jesus.

Satie’s La mort de Socrate is based on Socrates, as is Cage’s ‘cheap imitation’ of it. The Way of the Cross walked by Jesus Christ is in turn the inspiration for Liszt’s Via Crucis. With Satie ‘the words’ are still audible, but with Cage and Liszt they live on only as vague phantoms in the score.

However, a graphic projection by Lise Bruyneel will refresh your memory.


Erik Satie: La mort de Socrate / John Cage: Cheap Imitation III / Franz Liszt: Via Crucis

INLEIDING (Dutch only)

Pieter Bergé, 19:45

Production I Solisti & Festival 20/21. Co-Presentation Desingel (Antwerpen), Muziekgebouw Aan Het Ij (Amsterdam), De Bijloke (Gent), Concertvereniging Lemmens (Leuven)


Lise Bruyneel

Lise Bruyneel, or La fabrique des regards, navigates across the borders between the visual and performing arts, with interdisciplinarity as a driving force behind her. Through her experience as a cello player, art historian, dramaturge and her background in visual communication and graphic design, she connects different art forms.

Her scenography binds the musical ‘last words’ from the performance as a visual common thread.

Website La fabrique des regards

Lore Binon & Jan Michiels.

Soprano Lore Binon and pianist Jan Michiels were brilliant last year on the festival stage with their sensitive rendition of Debussy’s Impression de Pelléas. Hats off for this new and unusual programme, which is even more delicate (if that’s possible). Video artist Lise Bruyneel will provide appropriate scenery.

Website Lore Binon

Website Jan Michiels


Bondgenotenlaan 21
3000 Leuven



Ladeuze, Ladeuzeplein 20


Lijnen 1–9 / 284–85 / 315–17 / 333–35 / 337 / 351–52 /358 / 370–74 /380 / 395
Halte Rector De Somer plein

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