Saturday, 22 October 2016 | 20:30 | Grote Aula Maria Theresia College

Kosmos² is a total spectacle of music and video about the sound of the universe. In a concentrically constructed programme, the famous GrauSchumacher piano duo will let you hear how some of the greatest composers of the 2nd half of the 20th century evoked the music of the cosmos.

The central piece is Peter Eötvös’ thrilling Kosmos, surrounded by movements from Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Tierkreis, George Crumb’s Makrokosmos and Olivier Messiaen’s Visions de l’Amen. Each composer has interpreted the sound of the universe and given it an earthly form. A broad spectrum opens up, from growling and threatening to shimmering and magical.

Video artist Stephan Boehme connects the unusual sounds with light sculptures projected around the pianists. The production as a whole sweeps you along in a cosmic flow in which new music sounds surprisingly familiar.

Concert of the city of Leuven.

in association with Alumni KU Leuven, Academische Stichting Leuven


Olivier Messiaen: Visions de l’Amen selection / George Crumb: Makrokosmos I, II, IV selection / Karlheinz Stockhausen: Tierkreis selection / Peter Eötvös: Kosmos


Klaas Coulembier, 19:45


GrauSchumacher & Stephan Boehme

The GrauSchumacher duo has become a sensation in the piano-duo world in the last ten years. They are famous world-wide for the precision of their ensemble playing and for their inexhaustible arsenal of sounds. Their repertoire list includes virtually every important work for piano duo. What makes them truly unique, however, is the passion with which they aim to share these new masterpieces with audiences.

Grote Aula Maria Theresia College

Sint-Michielsstraat 6 (via Hogeschoolplein)
3000 Leuven



H. Hartkliniek, Naamsestraat 102c
Ladeuze, Ladeuzeplein 20


Lijnen 1 en 2
Halte Sint-Michielskerk

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