Monday, 14 October 2019 | 20:30 | Grote Aula Maria Theresia

Schulhoff, Dvořák and Janáček are three completely different personalities and three completely different styles. Yet they all share one common quality: all three are Czech composers with an incredible gift for melancholy. Even in moments of greatest joy, sorrow seems never to be very far away. You may already know Dvořák’s beloved American String Quartet, and Janáček’s Intimate Letters quartet has acquired a fixed place in the repertoire, but Schulhoff’s First String Quartet will be a real discovery for many listeners.


Ervín Schulhoff: String Quartet nr. 1 / Antonín Dvořák: String Quartet nr. 12 American String Quartet / Leoš Janáček: String Quartet nr. 2 Intimate Letters


Klaas Coulembier, 19:45

PART OF 'UUR KULTUUR' KU LEUVEN. This concert is free for students with a KU Leuven Culture Card in the UUR KULTUUR series. Please contact: Culture at KU Leuven.


Pavel Haas Quartet

The Pavel Haas Quartet is absolutely world class. No other string quartet performs Czech music with so much conviction as these four players. The joy they take in playing is tangible: frivolous and refined whenever possible, compelling and heart-rending when they have to be.

Website Pavel Haas Quartet

Grote Aula Maria Theresia

Sint-Michielsstraat 6 (Ingang Hogeschoolplein)
3000 Leuven



H. Hartkliniek, Naamsestraat 102c
Ladeuze, Ladeuzeplein 20


Lijnen 1 en 2
Halte Sint-Michielskerk

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