Thursday, 28 September 2017 | 20:30 | Sint-Geertruikerk

Sofia Gubaidulina is one of the most inward-looking composers in recent music history.

Her works use almost mystical sound conceptions which she then attempts to turn into concrete compositions.

To listeners it often seems as if her music is created on the spot, newborn and pure, making listening to her music a very intimate experience. Although she uses limited means, we are continually surprised and moved by her improbably rare feel for nuance and her vulnerability. Even our sense of time becomes blurred.


Sofia Goebajdoelina: De Profundis, In Croce, Freue Dich, Silenzi

Concert of the city of Leuven - Co-presentation AMUZ


Klaas Coulembier, 19:45


Bram Bossier - An Raskin - Pieter Wispelwey

An Raskin (bajan / Russian accordion) and Bram Bossier (violin) have devoted themselves for years to Sofia Gubaidulina’s work. Their efforts have even been awarded a ‘Diapason d’or’. Their sincere and unpretentious approach to her music makes them the dream team to perform this refined music. And with Pieter Wispelwey, well known to Novecento audiences, they’ll be in excellent company!

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Pieter Wispelwey


3000 Leuven



Vaartkom, Engels Plein 32


De Lijn 4/5/6 halte Halfmaartstraat

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