Saturday, 29 October 2022 | 17:30 | LUCA School of Arts campus Lemmens

Sunday, 30 October 2022 | 15:00 | LUCA School of Arts campus Lemmens

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Forget the harpsichord’s associations with baroque music. Goska Isphording’s entire career has proven what a perfect 21st-century instrument the harpsichord is. Played solo and with violinist Alicja Pilarczyk (and with a dash of electronics), all the facets of the instrument will be illuminated, with premieres by greats like Marco Stroppa and Oscar Bianchi as well.


Marco Stroppa (premiere)

Oscar Bianchi (premiere)

Daan Janssens

Anna Sowa 

Jenny Hettne



Oscar Bianchi

Energy, virtuosity, mystery and an idiosyncratic use of pulsation feature Oscar Bianchi's music. His skillful manipulation of timbre often creates an acute sense of dramaturgy. He explores everything in between stasis and activity, longing for the depth of these two extremes. From a very refined harmonic awareness, Bianchi dramatizes musical forms through mastery of texture, in its thousand details.

Website Oscar Bianchi

Daan Janssens

Daan Janssens (1983) studied composition with Frank Nuyts, Godfried-Willem Raes and Filip Rathé at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, where he has been teaching composition and orchestration himself since 2016. Throughout the years, he has worked with renowned national and international ensembles as well as soloists, and has built up an intense collaboration with LOD muziektheater. He is currently working on his third opera, Brodeck, after a novel by Philippe Claudel, again in collaboration with Fabrice Murgia and commissioned by LOD (2021-2023).

Website Daan Janssens

Anna Sowa

Anna Sowa (1987, PL) is a Basel-based experimental composer and artist, who mainly focuses on exploring electronic music and fields of performing arts. She is interested in the intersection of movement, gesture and theatricality in relation to electronic and instrumental music. 

In 2021 she won the Fringe competition of the Fondazione Haydn Stiftung. As part of this prize, Sowa's opera Silenzio/Silence was premiered in March 2022 on the opera festival Larger Than Life in Bolzano (IT).

Website Anna Sowa

Jenny Hettne

Jenny Hettne is a Swedish composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music, with the exploration of sound and timbre as her most important focus. She mainly writes chamber music, sometimes mixed with electronics and always in a close and innovative collaboration with the musicians.  

Website Jenny Hettne


Goska Isphording

Harpsichordist Goska Isphording is one of the most exciting performers in her field. Specializing in contemporary music on historical instruments, she is not only active as a soloist and chamber musician, but also presents the contemporary harpsichord to audiences and composers around the world through close collaborations, lectures and masterclasses.

Website Goska Isphording

Alicja Pilarczyk

Even though violinist Alicja Pilarczyk is most active in chamber music, she continues to work as a soloist, curating her own performances and working closely with contemporary composers. Transdisciplinary projects are an important part of her activity. As such, she actively takes part in projects which cross the frontiers of dance, theatre, film and visual arts. 

Website Alicja Pilarczyk

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