Saturday, 20 October 2018 | 20:30 | Grote Aula Maria Theresia

Schubert is held in high esteem by many contemporary composers. One of them is Daan Janssens, who started a dialogue with the Schöne Müllerin herself for his latest composition.

Janssens follows the illfated miller’s tragic path and creates a new sonic world around the song texts: it goes in deep and sometimes disconcerts, but without ever losing sight of the original.

INLEIDING (Dutch only) Daan Janssens & Pieter Bergé, 19:45

Production SPECTRA & Festival 20/21 i.s.m. De Bijloke


Daan Janssens: Eine Schöne Müllerin

INLEIDING (Dutch only)

Daan Janssens & Pieter Bergé, 19:45

Productie SPECTRA & Festival 20/21 i.s.m. De Bijloke



Daan Janssens

Daan Janssens (Bruges, 1983) studied composition with Frank Nuyts, Godfried-Willem Raes and Filip Rathé at the Gent Conservatory, where he’s been teaching composition and orchestration himself since 2016. Throughout the years, he’s worked with renowned national and international ensembles as well as soloists, and has built up an intense collaboration with LOD Muziektheater. In april 2017, they premiered his second opera Menuet, after the eponymous novella by Louis Paul Boon, and last year, in 2018, his Eine Schöne Müllerin was premiered by SPECTRA at Festival 20·21.

Website Daan Janssens


Thomas E. Bauer

Baritone Thomas Bauer studied voice at the University of Music and Theatre in Munich. As a concert vocalist, opera performer and soloist he is very much in international demand and frequents many great ensembles and stages. He has sung several world premières of operas, and was awarded the prestigious Schneider-Schott Music Prize. Accompanied by Eine Schöne Müllerin, Thomas Bauer will effortlessly shift from the Romantic path to the fast lane of the contemporary.

Website Thomas E. Bauer

SPECTRA lead by Filip Rathé

SPECTRA specialises in new music that can touch today’s audiences to the core. SPECTRA has worked with composer Daan Janssens for years, including on his opera Menuet. Now composer and players are joining forces for Eine schöne Müllerin.


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