Thursday, 17 October 2019 | 20:30 | Luca Campus Lemmens

Tristan Murail is one of the greatest sound wizards in recent music history. His cycle Portulan was inspired by his own memories: places with special significance, objects, encounters, experiences, and so forth. He draws an intimate and understated map of his past, sliding from one nuance to the other. It is not-to-be-missed music for explorers, written for violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, French horn, piano and percussion. It probably won’t be long before you’re on the edge of your seat – trying to hear everything even better.


Tristan Murail: Portulan


Maarten Beirens, 19:45


Het Collectief

Het Collectief have been regular guests at Festival 2021 for years, and of course not without reason. Again and again, the ensemble surprises with new and incomparable repertoire, always giving a superior performance. This year they’ll be putting their best foot forward to put Portulan on the map.

Website Het Collectief

Luca Campus Lemmens

Lemmensberg 3
3000 Leuven


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