Saturday, 21 October 2017 | 20:30 | STUK

In the US, Yarn/Wire has a solid reputation as one of the most exciting ensembles on the New York scene, so it was high time to introduce this piano-percussion quartet to the Transit audience.

They will play pieces written specially for them, including works by Thomas Meadowcroft and Ann Cleare. Aaron Einbond will take a virtual walk through New York with the ensemble, with Leuven composer Jasper Vanpaemel providing contrast. Judging from the list of percussion instruments (including an old record player, two flower pots and two salad spinners), this will be a concert full of unbridled sonic imagination.


Aaron Einbond

Aaron Einbond’s work explores the intersection of instrumental music, sound installation, field recording, and technology, bringing the spontaneity of live performance together with computer interactivity. His recent music has focused on audio transcription as the center of a creative process bridging composition, improvisation, and interpretation, questioning the thresholds of perception between instrument, stage, room, and loudspeaker.

Website Aaron Einbond

Jasper Vanpaemel

Already at an early age Jasper Vanpaemel (b. 1986) was influenced by a wide variety of musical genres. From 2004 to 2013 he studied piano & composition with Jan Michiels, Peter Swinnen & Franklin Gyselinck at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. In 2009 Jasper studied electronic music (sonology) at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Richard Barrett and Kees Tazelaar.

Jasper’s compositions include original works and arrangements, both solo and ensemble pieces, varying between traditional instrumentations and interdiscliplinary multimedia set-ups. As a performing musician Jasper is active in various fields. With Jasper Braet he explores new ways of dynamic and aesthetic expression and performance.

8 Little Indians was realised in cooperation with Jonas Cambien (melodica), Lien Tallon (costumes) en Tom Beets (audio source).

Website Jasper Vanpaemel

Ann Cleare

Ann Cleare is an Irish composer working in the areas of concert music, opera, extended sonic environments, and hybrid instrumental design. Her work explores the static and sculptural nature of sound, probing the extremities of timbre, texture, colour, and form. She creates highly psychological and corporeal sonic spaces that encourage a listener to contemplate the complexity of the lives we exist within, exploring poetries of communication, transformation, and perception.

Website Ann Cleare

Thomas Meadowcroft

Thomas Meadowcroft (* 1972) is an Australian freelance composer and musician living in Berlin, where he has been based since 1998. His music has been described as 'reaching an inexpressible purity' (Le Monde), 'nerve torture' (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and 'dreamy post-rock' (New York Times). His work involves notated compositions for acoustic instruments and electronics, performance and improvisation in various musical contexts, sound installations, as well as music for theatre and film. (photo: Harry Schnitger)

Website Thomas Meadowcroft



Yarn/Wire is a New York-based percussion and piano quartet dedicated to creative, experimental new music. Founded in 2005, the ensemble is globally admired for the energy and precision it brings to performances of today's most adventurous compositions. Yarn/Wire actively creates music in partnership with composers, sound artists, noise artists, … around the world. 

Website Yarn/Wire


Naamsestraat 96
3000 Leuven



H. Hartkliniek, Naamsestraat 102c


Lijnen 1 en 2
Halte H. Hartkliniek

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