Sunday, 25 October 2015 | 17:30 | STUK

Five musicians and two laptops: the laps ensemble’s sound is that of a modern, electronic world. The Walloon ensemble, founded by composer and conductor Claude Ledoux, will present music by a selection of young composers. They all share a fascination with the digital sound world and interactive applications in which the laptops can, as they see fit, transform and expand the sounds of the instruments and even of each other. A trip to the far corners of a foreign acoustic-digital universe.

Coproduction LAPS ensemble and Ars Musica.


Pierre Slinckx: LAPS#1, Piece pour ensemble et laptops (2014)
Claude Ledoux: Laps Upgrade 2.0 (world creation) COM Transit
Tomoko Fukui: Singin’ in the wind (2015) COM Ars Musica
Gilles Gobert: Piece #1 pour ensemble amplifié et trois laptops (2015)
Juan Arroyo: SONRÍO/SOLLOZO (2015)


Pauline Driesen, 17h


Gilles Gobert

After studying composition at the Royal Conservatory in Mons, Gilles Gobert continued his studies in Belgium with Jean-Claude Baertsoen, Jean-Pierre Deleuze and Jean-Marie Rens, and abroad with Helmut Lachenmann, Tristan Murail, Magnus Lindberg, Jonathan Harvey and others. He also studied computer music at IRCAM (Institut de recherche et coordination acoustique – musique) in Paris.

He founded the laptop duo KNAPP with composer Gilles Doneux and is a co-founder and member of the ensemble LAPS. He is also the musical director of the contemporary music ensemble ON.

Claude Ledoux

Ledoux's pieces show an approach calling on musical synthesis in order to express within his compositions the many qualities of our fragmented world. The fascination exercised by the phenomenon of sound has incited the composer to acoustical introspections, helped by recent technology, computer programmes and sound synthesis (echoes of electronic music researches made at the studios of Liege and those of Ircam). His interest in popular music and Eastern musics led him to think about the relationship between performer and instrument through gestures and musical incarnation. Furtthermore, his love for the sounds of the world encouraged him to make field researches in Eastern countries (India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan) and also in South-America, in order to learn their traditionnal art of music. Then, the musical work of Claude Ledoux synthesises these different elements in a luxuriant environment with the desire to renew the phenomenon of melody, a place where emotion comes from the meeting of different imaginary cultures.

As a composer he won several competitions (Lille, Paris, Lausanne...). In 2003 he received the pertigious Civitella Ranieri Foundation of New York Fellowship. His music have been performed in the main towns of Europe as in America (Colorado Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra of Montreal...) or Asia (Turkey, Vietnam, China, Japan). These last years, Claude Ledoux was composer in residence at the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, at Castello of Umbria, Brussel’s « Bozar » and Kitara Hall of Sapporo. In 2009, he composed the compulsory work (semi-finale) for the Queen Elisabeth of Belgium Constest. After a commission from the French government which allowed him to write "A Terra Sem Mal" for the ensemble Le Balcon, he composed "Ayl", clarinet concerto, for the Ars Musica festival (soloist Jean-Luc Votano). In 2013, Claude Ledoux created the LAPS Ensemble for which he dedicated his "Laps Init 1.0". In 2014 the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liege, the Shanghai Sinfonietta and the Muromachi Ensemble of Tokyo premiered his music.

Claude LEDOUX is Professor of Music analysis theories (composition and musicology) at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris (France) and Professor of composition at Arts2, Conservatoire de Mons (Belgium). In 2009 and 2010 he was guest professor at the Sao Paulo University and the Campinas University (Brazil), and in 2013 and 2014 he was invited for lectures and master classes at the Shanghai Conservatory. In 2012 he was artistic currator of the Festival Ars Musica, and from 2002 to 2005, Artistic Director of the Centre Pousseur (electronic studio of Liège).

Since january 2005, Claude Ledoux is a member of the Belgian Royal Academy.

Juan Arroyo

Juan Arroyo is one of the principal Peruvian composers of his generation. In 2013, he obtained a Commande d'État from the French Ministry of Culture to compose a piece entitled SAMA, which was premiered by the ensemble Proxima Centauri at the Festival Novart in Bordeaux. La Fondation Salabert awarded him the Prix de Composition 2013 for SELVA, a choreography for three dancers, orchestra and electronics, premiered by l'Orchestre des Lauréats du Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, conducted by Tito Ceccherini on 4 October 2013. His works have been performed by such ensembles as Linea, Proxima Centauri, Vortex, Le Quatuor Tana, Red Note, Prime Project, L'Arsenale, Artsound quartet, entre autre, and at renowned festivals such as the Festival Manca, Archipels, Novart, Mixtur, Rhizome, Plug, La Chaise-Dieu and Ars Musica.

Pierre Slinckx

Pierre Slinckx composes instrumental and mixed (electro-acoustic) music, for ‘concerts’, for soundtracks, and he also arranges. He won the Henri Pousseur Award in 2013 and the André Souris Prize in 2015. Two animated films by Bruno Tondeur, for which he wrote the music, Maintenant il faut grandir and Deep Space, were selected and won awards at several international festivals. He is a member of LAPS, as both a composer and performer on the laptop.

Tomoko Fukui

She has been invited and commissioned by Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Darmstadt (Germany), International Music Festival in Melbourne (Australia), La Biennale di Venezia (Italy), Takefu International Music Festival (Japan), Pan Music Festival (South Korea), Maerz Musik in Berlin, and ECLAT Festival Neue Musik Stuttgart (Germany), etc. Also her piece was selected for ISCM World Music Days in Hong Kong 2001, Zagreb 2005, and Austria-Slovakia 2013. She was also awarded in the composition section (Orchestral works and chamber music works) in the Music Competition of Japan and received Akiyoshidai International Compositional Prize, and Scholarship Prize of Darmstadt among others. She is also active as a director of concerts held in home and abroad. Since 2001, she has been leading the ensemble next mushroom promotion, a contemporary music performing group, and her radical project has attracted attention. The 8th Concert of Toshio Hosokawas Works which she produced received Keizo Saji Prize from Suntory Foundation for Arts in 2005. The group has been invited by music festivals in various countries and premiered and introduced many works written by Japanese composers.

She was born in 1960 Kyoto, Japan. She learned literature, dancing, librarian, piano before composition. And sometimes she was singing on the street.


LAPS Ensemble

LAPS, young Belgian Ensemble, arose from the desire to create an original ensemble which associates amplified instruments with two laptops. The first idea was to provoke human and gestural interactions, imagining a « chamber-music concept » emerging from the relation between « acoustic » musicians and « electronic » performers. Launched in 2013 on the initiative of the composers Claude Ledoux – manager and conductor of the ensemble - and Gilles Gobert – member of the Laptop duo KNAPP with the composer Gilles Doneux- LAPS has for vocation to arouse a new repertoire for this original musical association. Besides a policy of guest composers, the ensemble shows also the desire to promote its composers. Furthermore, its programs alternate « written » compositions and improvisations. LAPS was born at the occasion of the Electro Night during Ars Musica 2013. Furthermore, the Ensemble was invited at the Shanghai Festival in December 2014. Amongst other concerts, 2015 will see the Ensemble at TRANSIT Festival, LOOP Festival and so on.


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