Sunday, 24 October 2021 | 14:00 | STUK

Over the last few years, accordionist Andreas Borregaard has asked several prominent composers to write works for him that in one way or another transcend the stereotype of making music. No instrument lends itself better to physical performance and multimedia fantasies than the accordion, especially when played with Borregaard’s flair for the dramatic and virtuoso technique!


Simon Steen-Andersen: Asthma
Philip Venables: My Favourite Piece is the Goldberg Variations


Simon Steen-Andersen

Simon Steen-Andersen (b.1976) is a Berlin-based composer, performer and installation artist, working in the field between instrumental music, electronics, video and performance within settings ranging from symphony orchestra and chamber music (with and without multimedia) to stagings, solo performances and installations. 

Website Simon Steen-Andersen

Philip Venables

Philip Venables has been described as a “composer of ferocious dramatic instincts”  in The New Yorker and as “one of the finest composers around” in the Guardian. His output covers opera, music theatre, multimedia concert works, chamber music and song, an eclectic range of styles and influences, and themes often concerning social politics, violence, gender and storytelling.

Website Philip Venables


Andreas Borregaard

Andreas Borregaard is a classical accordion player. He decided to become a musician when working on a piece by Danish composer Bent Sørensen, and has never looked back. Borregaard is both active as a soloist, performing existing works as well as works written especially for him, while collaborating with a variety of artists.

Website Andreas Borregaard


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