Sunday, 22 October 2017

Our Ears Felt Like Canyons

There’s no party better suited to closing Transit than a real guitar party. Flanders’s most electric quartet Zwerm has thought up a fairly unconventional set-up: in a circle, with the audience surrounding them. What’s more, they’ve persuaded a few of the most sought-after composers of the moment to write new works for it. Joanna Bailie, Christopher Trapani and Alexander Schubert in 360° surround-sound should close the season with a bang (and it will!).

"...And we played until our awareness became embedded in the canyon and summoned a ghostly, floating train, an apparition of metal meeting metal, reflected doubly, triply, endlessly from the canyon, from the mind, from the flickering passenger windows, the rumbling ties, OUR EARS FELT LIKE CANYONS. We didn't speak until morning." (Pauline Oliveros)


Alexander Schubert

Alexander Schubert (1979) studied bioinformatics and composition. Schubert’s interest explores cross-genre interfaces between acoustic and electronic music, combining different musical styles (like hardcore, free jazz, popular electronic music, techno) with contemporary classical concepts.

Furthermore performance pieces are a major focus in his work. The use of the body in electronic music and the transportation of additional content through gestures are key features in his pieces, which aim at empowering the performer and at achieving a maximum of energy. This is done both through the use of sensors and visual media. (Photo: Evy Schubert)

Joanna Bailie

Joanna Bailie was born in London in 1973 and currently lives in Berlin. She studied composition with Richard Barrett, electronic music at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Holland and in 1999 won a fellowship to study at Columbia University. Her recent work includes chamber music and installation, and is characterized by the use of field recordings together with acoustic instruments. She is also interested in the interplay between the audio and visual.

Website Joanna Bailie

Christopher Trapani

A composer with a genuine international trajectory, Christopher Trapani maintains an active career in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in Continental Europe. Christopher’s music synthesizes disparate influences, weaving both American and European stylistic strands into a personal aesthetic that defies easy classification. Snippets of Delta Blues, Appalachian folk, dance band foxtrots, and Turkish makam can be heard alongside spectral swells and meandering canons.

Website Christopher Trapani



Rooted neither in the grounded rock world or the spirited classical genres, Zwerm explores and exploits reaches of their own: Jacks of all trades and no where to hang their hats - or at least nowhere to laze about and settle down in. - Koen van Meel, Kwadratuur

Zwerm was founded in 2007 and has collaborated with many artists including Fred Frith, Mauro Pawlowski, Larry Polansky, Eric Thielemans, Yannis Kyriakides, François Sarhan, Mark Vanrunxt, Sheila Anaraki, Etienne Guilloteau, Stefan Prins and Serge Verstockt.

Website Zwerm


Naamsestraat 96
3000 3000 Leuven



H. Hartkliniek, Naamsestraat 102c


Lijnen 1 en 2
Halte H. Hartkliniek

Not on time?

Late-comers will not be admitted to the concert.