Friday, 20 October 2017 | 20:30 | STUK

Transit will have a colourful opening this year, with works for large ensemble and soloists. It’s even an Italian-Flemish evening, neatly divided with two composers on each side.

The concert runs the gamut from the mischievous subtleties of the trumpet concerto Ballata no. 5 (2015) by Francesco Filidei to the dark but transcendent colour of Eppur si muove (2014), the last work Luc Brewaeys was commissioned to write by our festival. And the brand-new work by Bart Vanhecke, which will premiere here, promises to be just as dark, going from the title Pour que la nuit finisse and his choice of low-register instruments.

HERMESensemble directed by Ed Spanjaard

Jeroen Berwaerts, trompet solo (Filidei), Els Mondelaers, mezzo solo (Vanhecke)

Karin de Fleyt – flute, Peter Merckx – clarinet, Marc Tooten – viola, Jonas D’haese – percussion, Nils Vander Plancken – piano, Stijn Saveniers – cello, Wibert Aerts – violin, Pieter Jansen – violin, Jan Buysschaert – double bass, Nico De Marchi – horn, Joost Gils – oboe, Rémy Roux – bassoon, Senne La Mela – trompet, Bram Fournier – trombone, Mathilde Wauters – harp


Bart Vanhecke, Pour que la Nuit Finisse (world creation)

Tiziano Manca, Defining (2007-2009)

Luc Brewaeys, Eppur si Muove (2014)

Francesco Filidei, Ballata no. 5 (2015)


Maarten Beirens, 19:45


Luc Brewaeys

Luc Brewaeys (1959-2015) studied composition with André Laporte in Brussels, Franco Donatoni in Siena and with Brian Ferneyhough in Darmstadt. He met regularly with Iannis Xenakis in the early 1980s. He has won awards in Belgium and abroad, including the Prix de Musique Contemporaine du Québec for his complete oeuvre. Only recently, in 2013, the Flemish Classical Radio station Klara honoured him as Musician of the year.

Website Luc Brewaeys

Bart Vanhecke

Bart Vanhecke (1964) studied composition at the Koninklijk Muziekconservatorium (Royal Music Conservatory) of Brussels with André Laporte and at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena (Italy) with Franco Donatoni. In 2015, he successfully defended his PhD about the systematisation of atonality and dissonance in amotivic serial composition. He wrote compositions for various types of line up that are performed in Belgium and abroad.

Website Bart Vanhecke

Francesco Filidei

Born in Pisa in 1973, Francesco Filidei graduated from the Conservatory of Florence and the Paris Conservatoire. As organist and composer, he has been invited by the most important festivals of contemporary music, perfomed by renowned orchestras and ensembles. After obtaining a commission from the IRCAM Reading Committee in 2005, he was awarded the Salzburg Music Forderpreistrager (2006), the Takefu Prize (2007), the Siemens Forderpreistrager (2009), the UNESCO Picasso / Miró Medal of the Rostrum of Composers (2011), the Abbiati Prize (2015).

Website Francesco Filidei

Tiziano Manca

TIZIANO MANCA is a composer of vocal and instrumental music, including works for solo, ensemble, orchestra and music theater. His music is performed at music festivals and concert halls worldwide, and by renowned ensembles of contemporary music such as Ensemble Recherche, Musikfabrik, Ensemble Modern, Neue Vocalsolisten, and Klangforum Wien, among others. Initially engaged in exploring the limits of acoustic instruments and the human voice, he has lately turned his attention to the temporal and rhythmic dimension of music in connection with the performer's body presence and gesture. Alongside his practice as a composer, Tiziano Manca currently conducts an artistic research project on the visibility of musical time and rhythm at the Orpheus Institute in Ghent.

Website Tiziano Manca



HERMESensemble (BE) explores the borderlines of contemporary music and art. The ensemble realizes crossovers with early music, jazz, pop, non-Western music and electronic art. Productions transcend the traditional concert form through synergies with theatre, dance, visual arts, video, film and multimedia. Experiment and encounter are the starting points of each project.

Website HERMESensemble


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H. Hartkliniek, Naamsestraat 102c


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