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MATRIX projectensemble

Minus 2

Michael Maierhof

As it does every year, the youngest generation is rightly demanding its place in this weekend’s schedule. This year an intrepid project ensemble of celli and double basses will take on Michael Maierhof’s Minus 2.

You’ll also hear a sampler of what the participants were working on in last year’s Nadar Summer Academy.

Sun 22 Oct 2017 · 11:30


Michael Maierhof – Minus 2 for 4 cellos and 4 double basses mit 8 fixierten und 80 schwingenden Objekten (2013)

Jennifer Walshe – A sensitive number for the laydeez (2004)

Jasper Braet & Jasper Vanpaemel – parts from Quakea Quartet (2013)

Eveline Vervliet - Proprius Capio (2017)