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HERMESensemble & ChampdAction

Saariaho, Janssens, Verstockt

With Lichtbogen, Kaija Saariaho delivered one of the key works of the 1980s. In this programme you’ll hear her musical ‘aurora borealis‘ shimmering as it always has, but now in the company of two new, 21st-century answers to it by festival composer Daan Janssens and Serge Verstockt. Verstockt, along with ChampdAction, was an important champion of Saariaho’s music in Flanders, long before she became the celebrated opera composer she is today. In that sense, Verstockt’s Nymphéas digitales will be a look back at his own career, which has spanned four decades.

Sun 30 Oct 2022 · 20:30


Kaija Saariaho: Lichtbogen

Daan Janssens: (...sans rien dire...)

[break 30']

Serge Verstockt: Les Nymphéas digitales