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Ensemble Klang

Maya Verlaak, Jesse Broekman

Between a Dutch composer who teaches composition in Flanders (Jesse Broekman) and a Flemish composer who does the same in the Netherlands (Maya Verlaak), this concert inevitably has a certain ‘Low Countries Derby’ quality to it. Add to that the swagger of the Netherlands’ hottest new music ensemble and you’re getting the best of ‘above and below the big rivers’ in a single afternoon at Transit.

Co-production Ensemble Klang & De Link (Tilburg)

Sun 22 Oct · 14:00




M. Verlaak

J. Broekman


Nadar Ensemble

Nadar Ensemble

Michael Beil
Fri 20 Oct · 20:30


Davide Paolillo, Alice Yeung, Ellen Jacobs, Yngwie Janseghers
Sun 22 Oct · 12:00

Maarten Beirens & composers

Sun 22 Oct · 16:00


Ensemble Klang

Ensemble Klang

The Dutch Ensemble Klang’s dynamic approach to contemporary music and sonic adventure has attracted not only a loyal public following but also the active participation of some of today’s leading composers. Its unique yet versatile instrumentation (saxophones, trombone, keyboards, percussion, guitar, electronics) generates the energetic drive and passion of a band.


Maya Verlaak

Maya Verlaak

Maya Verlaak is a Belgian composer who is active as a performer, curator and teacher. She describes her compositional process as a creative process guided by the specific context of each commission. This results in the development of different compositional techniques for each creative endeavour. Her works are intended to create space for critical thought, both for the audience members as for the performers.

Jesse Broekman

Jesse Broekman

The focus of Jesse Broekman's compositions is chamber music, with or without electronics. Central to his work are sounds of an unstable and unpredictable nature. Here he searches for playing techniques that do not go against the nature of the instrument, but make them sound completely different. His recent work with electronics concentrates on the electronic control of acoustic objects.


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Ensemble Klang Sun 22 Oct 2023 · 14:00
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