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Jan Michiels, Diede Verpoest, Emile Souvagie, Lore Binon, Inge Spinette

Hommage à ...

György Kurtág, Robert Schumann, Pjotr Iljitsj Tsjaikovski, Pierre Boulez, Igor Stravinski, Alban Berg, Arnold Schönberg, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms

Hommage à ... tells a colourful story in five chapters, with music from Bach to today.

Music history’s cup is running over with homage: to fellow composers from then or now, beloved performers, teachers, friends, patrons, unattainable loves... 

The dozens of them written by Hungarian composer György Kurtág crop up throughout his oeuvre. A few of them form the point of departure for this ‘collage concert’. 

Festival 20·21 gave Jan Michiels carte blanche to put together an ensemble. In addition to fellow pianist Inge Spinette and soprano Lore Binon, he was determined to include musicians who are just starting their careers – a kind of homage to the future. Diede Verpoest will join them as violinist, Pieter Jansen as violist, and Emile Souvagie will give his best on the clarinet.

Tue 10 Oct 2023 · 20:30
Grote Aula Maria-Theresiacollege




Pieter Bergé



Kurtág, Schumann, Tsjaikovski, Boulez, Stravinski, Berg, Schönberg, Bach, Brahms


Hommage à ... (download)

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