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I SOLISTI, Jan Michiels piano

Satire Satie

Erik Satie, Igor Stravinski, Francis Poulenc
+ Part of Satie s'amuse

Satire Satie, the final part of the triptych, revolves around one of Satie’s most remarkable masterpieces: Parade, a notorious scandalous success in French music history. In it, Satie flirts with the attractions of nonsense and bad taste, but his gifted sense of musical humour rises above it all. 

Masterpieces by Poulenc and Stravinsky will join this orgy of 1920s French sound.

At your service are I SOLISTI, an Antwerp-based wind ensemble known for always playing on the edge and not shying away from adventure. 

Video artist Lise Bruyneel enhances the mood with some spicy text collages from writings by Satie as well as some of his equally eccentric contemporaries.

Sun 8 Oct · 17:30




E. Satie: Sonnerie pour réveiller le bon gros roi des singes / Tenture de cabinet préfectorale (Musique d’ameublement) / Parade arr. Tim Mulleman / Chez un bistrot (Musique d’ameublement)

I. Stravinski: Octet 

F. Poulenc: Sextet




I SOLISTI unites top musicians who have each built a solid reputation as soloists, orchestral or chamber musicians. A permanent core of about twenty musicians is expanded or reduced depending on the project. The musical heritage of 250 years of wind (r)evolution from Mozart to today is the leitmotiv and is carried out with devotion but also continuously questioned and renewed.

Jan Michiels

Jan Michiels

Pianist Jan Michiels has been known for his very personal and multi-layered approach to the piano repertoire, combining old and new in always changing perspectives. He composes his programs through a continuous dialogue with living music history. As such, Michiels worked closely with composers such as György Kurtág, Karel Goeyvaerts and Kris Defoort.

Lise Bruyneel

Lise Bruyneel

Of het nu gaat om Lise Bruyneels vroegere carrière als celliste, het vinden van het juiste beeld voor een voorstelling, het maken van videocollages of het bedenken welk poëtisch project de voorbijganger op straat zal aanspreken. De aanpak is vergelijkbaar: op een creatieve en emotionele manier, vaak ritmisch, op het raakvlak tussen kunstenaars en publiek staan.


RANG 1 € 25 - RANG 2 € 23

I SOLISTI, Jan Michiels Sun 8 Oct 2023 · 17:30
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