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Jan Michiels

Sacré Satie

Erik Satie, Franz Liszt
+ Part of Satie s'amuse

In Sacré Satie, Jan Michiels juxtaposes Satie’s piano work Uspud with Liszt’s Via Crucis. Both pieces are religious, but in Liszt’s work it’s religion that prevails, while confusion gets the upper hand with Satie; the title alone – ballet catholique – probably raises quite a few eyebrows.

Sun 8 Oct · 11:00




Pieter Bergé



E. Satie: Uspud

F. Liszt: Via Crucis


Olav Grondelaers, Jan Michiels

Thu 7 Sep · 19:00

Lore Binon, Inge Spinette

Erik Satie, Francis Poulenc, ...
Sun 8 Oct · 14:30

I SOLISTI, Jan Michiels piano

Erik Satie, Igor Stravinski, Francis Poulenc
Sun 8 Oct · 17:30


Jan Michiels

Jan Michiels

Pianist Jan Michiels has been known for his very personal and multi-layered approach to the piano repertoire, combining old and new in always changing perspectives. He composes his programs through a continuous dialogue with living music history. As such, Michiels worked closely with composers such as György Kurtág, Karel Goeyvaerts and Kris Defoort.

Lise Bruyneel

Lise Bruyneel

Whether it is Lise Bruyneel’s former career as a cellist, finding the right image for a performance, making video collages or imagining which poetic project will speak to the passer-by on the street, the approach is similar: to stand at the interface between artists and audience in a creative and emotional way.


RANG 1 € 25 - RANG 2 € 23

Jan Michiels Sun 8 Oct 2023 · 11:00
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