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Zwerm & Sophia Burgos, Sofia Jernberg

Noise Uprising

Christopher Trapani

In his song cycle Noise Uprising, American composer Christopher Trapani looks at the sudden rush of gramophone recordings of non-classical music in the 1920s. Scratchy 78 rpm records of jazz, fado, son, rembetiko, tango and many more genres are the basis of a composition that weaves all these inspirations together into a new cross-cultural network. 

The voices of Sophia Burgos and Sofia Jernberg along with Zwerm’s electric guitars bridge the gap between, let’s say, gamelan and salsa, maqâms and ragas, flamenco and tango.

Co-production Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, November Music, Wilde Westen, as part of Sounds Now, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union

Commissioned by Zwerm, funded by 'ernst von siemens musikstiftung'

Sun 22 Oct 2023 · 17:30




C. Trapani: Noise Uprising

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