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Mauro Lanza, Claudio Panariello

What do the Testamentum Porcelli, a satirical medieval text revealing fictitious piglet Grunnius Cocotta’s last will and testament (before Grunnius goes into the stewpot), the shroud of Turin and artificial intelligence have to do with each other? 

We’ll explore stewed pork, Catholic relics and non-fungible tokens in two vocal-instrumental cycles by Mauro Lanza. And in between you’ll hear a few fragments from Buxtehude’s Membra Jesu Nostri as musical remnants in this modern-day multimedia reliquary.

Co-production Muziekcentrum De Bijloke

Sun 22 Oct · 20:30




M. Lanza & C. Panariello: Relics (creation)



Zwerm & Sophia Burgos, Sofia Jernberg

Christopher Trapani
Sun 22 Oct · 17:30




SPECTRA is an ensemble that is curious for new music, with Filip Rathé as artistic director and conductor. The ensemble develops trajectories with composers living in Flanders and promotes their work in an international and historical context. SPECTRA premieres a lot of commissioned works in a continuous dialogue with referential masterpieces from the recent past.



HYOID is a Brussels-based group of classically trained vocal soloists specialized in new music and transdisciplinary performance. The group strives to challenge and expand traditional concert formats, while cultivating close partnerships with composers, performers and artists of its generation.


Mauro Lanza

Mauro Lanza

Italian composer Mauro Lanza is an experimenter in the broadest sense of the term. He blends classical music lineups with less conventional sound sources, including toy instruments, noise-makers, various kinds of “objets trouvés” and custom-made machineries such as a rain machine or “augmented” house-appliances. Beyond his purely musical production, Lanza has a proclivity for interdisciplinarity.

Claudio Panariello

Claudio Panariello

Claudio Panariello (IT) has studied composition, piano, musical acoustics and electronic music. His main fields of interest as a composer and researcher are feedback and musical adaptive systems, focusing on the problem of emergence and style. He has also worked in the field of sound installations.

We’ll explore stewed pork, Catholic relics and non-fungible tokens in two vocal-instrumental cycles.


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SPECTRA / HYOID Sun 22 Oct 2023 · 20:30
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