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Graindelavoix, Jan Michiels, Björn Schmelzer

Epitaphs of Afterwardsness

Guillaume de Machaut, György Kurtág, Iannis Xenakis, György Ligeti, Johann Walter, Johann Sebastian Bach

The foundation of this concert is the Messe de Notre Dame – a complete Mass setting written by Guillaume de Machaut in the 14th century

Starting from within it, Epitaphs of Afterwardsness unfolds into an extended reflection on transitoriness – of the artworks themselves, of those who perform, listen to, and interpret them, and more. 

To keep the focus on the encounter with this ‘hindsight’ the ensemble does not attempt to restore the mass to some ‘original’ state but presents it in a radically contemporary framework. Inevitably, all the pieces present themselves as epitaphs for an eternal demise.

Antwerp-based Graindelavoix, founded and directed by Björn Schmelzer, is famous for its unorthodox performances of early music that time and again take on stubborn clichés and common-sense beliefs. Graindelavoix not only performs the music, it tries to reinvent it. In the same way that it seeks out the kernel in the grainy voice (‘le grain dans la voix’), it continually looks for the pebble in the shoe of interpretation, with as its goal not so much scholarly truth as artistic truthfulness.

Mon 30 Sep · 20:30




Jan Christiaens


A musical collage based on the Messe de Notre Dame by Guillaume de Machaut. With works by Kurtág,  Xenakis, Ligeti, Walter and J. S. Bach.

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SPECTRA, Filip Rathé, Thomas Blondelle, Lise Bruyneel

Daan Janssens, Franz Schubert
Mon 23 Sep · 20:30




Founded in 1999, Graindelavoix is an Antwerp-based music and art ensemble. Helmed by founder-director Björn Schmelzer, it is committed to offering a contemporary and critical interpretation of mainly historical, vocal repertoires. The ensemble’s artistic allure, distinctive sound, plastic performance style and rigorous programming makes it both unique and difficult to situate in the current artistic landscape.

Jan Michiels

Jan Michiels

Pianist Jan Michiels has been known for his very personal and multi-layered approach to the piano repertoire, combining old and new in always changing perspectives. He composes his programs through a continuous dialogue with living music history. As such, Michiels worked closely with composers such as György Kurtág, Karel Goeyvaerts and Kris Defoort.

Björn Schmelzer

Björn Schmelzer

Björn Schmelzer is a conductor, writer, artist, filmmaker and anthropologist. His extensive research as artistic director of the Antwerp music ensemble Graindelavoix is further elaborated through essays, lectures and publications that situate his approach at the intersection of speculative theory, psychoanalysis, music and art history. Schmelzer is interested in how art bears witness to processes of alienation and subjectivation, historical fantasy, Gothic plasticity and ruin.

Starting from the Messe de Notre Dame written by Guillaume de Machaut, Epitaphs of Afterwardsness unfolds into an extended reflection on transitoriness.


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Epitaphs of
Afterwardsness Mon 30 Sep 2024 · 20:30
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