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Brecht Valckenaers

Ex Nihilo

György Ligeti, Brecht Valckenaers, Béla Bartók, George Crumb, Henry Cowell, ...

Youth seeks youth in this concert. While still young, Ligeti wrote Musica Ricercata, literally a musical search for himself. With each new piece he broadens his sights, from two to twelve notes, hurtling through a huge variety of musical landscapes. 

Pianist-composer Brecht Valckenaers is now going to follow Ligeti’s footsteps. With Musica Ricercata in hand, he’s plotting out an original course: he makes little forays into works from the greater piano repertoire, while also composing a number of interludes that blaze new trails between some well-trodden paths.

Sometimes you can find great musicians practically in your own back garden. Brecht Valckenaers is a genuine ‘Leuvenaar’, and in the last few years he has profiled himself more strongly as a born musician. An accomplished pianist, he already has a huge repertoire at his fingertips, much of it music from the 20th century. But Valckenaers also profiles himself as a composer, one who enjoys a dialogue with his great predecessors.




Pieter Bergé



Ligeti: Musica Ricercata

Valckenaers: Premieres

 Bartók,  Crumb,  Cowell, ...

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Daan Vandewalle

Arnold Schönberg, Anton Webern, Ferruccio Busoni, Charles Ives, Henry Cowell, Frederic Rzewski
Fri 13 Sep · 20:30

Brecht Valckenaers is a genuine ‘Leuvenaar’, and in the last few years he has profiled himself more strongly as a born musician.


Brecht Valckenaers

Brecht Valckenaers

As a pianist and composer, Brecht Valckenaers (°2000, Leuven) seeks his own path, in which his love for both classical and contemporary repertoire goes hand in hand with his own work and improvisation. He is driven by a desire to constantly explore and push his own musical boundaries. Valckenaers was one of Klara's De Twintigers in 2023, where he spent a week in the spotlight, culminating in a concert recording.


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Ex Nihilo Tue 15 Oct 2024 · 20:30
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