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Prelude concert and lecture to mark the 150th anniversary of Arnold Schoenberg & Charles Ives

5 June 2024

1874 was a vintage year for Western music. Vienna saw the birth of Arnold Schoenberg – on 13 September, exactly 150 years ago – whose leap into atonality permanently shifted the boundaries of our musical consciousness.

Five weeks later and several thousand kilometres away in Connecticut (US), Charles Ives came into the world. A free spirit from the start, his only faith was in his own imagination. This imagination produced radical and reckless music that fascinates from the first note to the last.

No one knows more about the trailblazing American composer Charles Ives than professor emeritus Peter Burkholder, who has devoted practically his entire life to Ives. A few years ago he published the wonderful and accessible book Listening to Charles Ives. Variations on His America.

LECTURE Thu 12.09 - 20:00

Charles Ives at 150: What his music means for us met J. Peter Burkholder.

CONCERT Fri 13.09 - 20:30

Music by Arnold Schönberg, Ferruccio Busoni, Charles Ives, Henry Cowell, Frederic Rzewski with pianist Daan Vandewalle.

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